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Ho, ho, something something...
2012-10-11 06:57:09
Last December, I had the pleasure of performing on Breakfast Television's Christmas special on City TV.

It was a great time!

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Recently Spotted...
2011-08-17 10:25:23
Jamming with Brant Parker and crew at an open mic night in St. Catharines - what a great band to play with!

Welcome - but stay on the plastic!
2011-07-30 08:36:16
Hey people, welcome to the brand new website. Take a deep breath - it's still got the 'new site' smell. :)

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting video lessons, all-original backing tracks (and an interesting component to this!) and maybe some comics. In the meantime, put your feet up, relax, check out what's already here... have a look around and kick the tires a bit.

Okay, I've gabbed enough. Go do... Internet... things.

On the way!
2011-07-30 06:03:35
Everything is in the process of being set up here, so you'll have to bear with us while we wrap up the launch. Stay tuned for new video and audio clips!